Emily Esfahani Smith – There’s more to life than being happy

The pursuit of “happiness” (in the sense of comfort, of feeling good) can make you unhappy and anxious: do I have the perfect home, the perfect job, the perfect spouse?

Emily Esfanahy Smith presents in comparison how to have a meaningful life, and this is based on 4 pillars.

The first 3 are known from positive psychology but the 4th was a revelation to me!

  • Belonging: Be recognized and loved for who you are/recognize love others for whom they are
  • Have a purpose, serve something that exceeds you
  • To develop the best of oneself, to be in the “zone” through art, spirituality, etc…
  • The narration of your life, that is the story you tell about your own life, and that gives it a sense, a coherence, a wisdom.
Source: TED talks
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