Andrea Kaiser - NLP Certified Business Coach

Andrea Kaiser

Executive Coach 
Career Coach

NLP Professional Coach
Process Communication® Coach

Mediator – Attorney (Switzerland)
15 years experience in multinational companies


Zurich – Video
English / French / German

Professional values:
Integrity – Respect – Confidence – Collaboration

Individual coaching of leaders, entrepreneurs and leaders – and those who want to get there:
– Leadership coaching (e.g. new function or business, development of new strategies, reorganization)

– Clarification of individual goals and mission
– Alignment of personal and professional values
– Improvement of interpersonal skills (e.g. communication, conflict management, cultural differences)
– Strengthening of personal skills (e.g. self-confidence, public speaking, creativity)
– Work-life balance, management of time and stress, setting of priorities

Team coaching:
– Clarification of goals and mission of the team
– Alignment of personal values with team and company values
– Communication, conflict management, cultural differences
– Development of team spirit
– Change management (ex. restructuring, succession, new direction)

My motivation to be a professional Coach:
I am convinced that motivated teams, acting with integrity and in mutual respect, in a setting where professional and personal values are aligned, will achieve extraordinary results.
In order to achieve such exceptional results with your team or clients I want to accompany you in facing your challenges, changing perspectives and taking new paths in full trust and confidence.


Training / memberships:

  • NLP certified coach
  • Process Communication® Coach and Trainer
  • Systemic structural constellations®
  • Mediator
  • Attorney-at-Law (Switzerland)
  • MLaw – Universities of Basel and Lausanne (Switzerland)
  • ICF – International Coach Federation
  • SICPNL – International Society of NLP coach


Inspirational phrases:
“It’s the set of the sails – not the direction of the wind – that determines which way you will go
(Irish proverb)
“If you always do, what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”
(Henry Ford)