Céline Manoel

Céline Manoel

Professional Coach
Training Developm
ent Strategy
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

ICF Member
Certified Gender Diversity Programme, INSEAD
Certified Hogan and Harisson

20 years of corporate experience in HR and ICT functions.
International experience (France, Germany, Hong Kong, Quebec),

Montreal – Video
French / English

Céline’s ambition is to support individuals and organizations to accelerate their impact and build a more inclusive society. She believes in the ability of everyone to make conscious choices regarding their own life, others and the world around them. With great listening and empathy, she encourages her clients to take responsibility through powerful questioning and supports them in their transition to action.

ICF Member, Certified in Gender Diversity and graduated in ICT Engineer (Telecom Sud Paris), Céline has an extensive knowledge of organizations and experienced several professional transitions. This journey rich in encounters and diversity has led her to foster the development of individuals and meaningful projects.

Céline is also the organizer of Big Bloom in Canada, a collective intelligence seminar serving projects with social impact. Her involvement in various NPOs, particularly with people with disabilities and women, testifies to her values ​​of inclusion.

She is recognized for her commitment, her listening skills, her analytical mind, and her ability to design adapted, tailor-made and innovative approaches and initiatives.


Professional Values:
Both creative / artistic and logical / pragmatic.
Collaborative and inclusive.

Individual Coaching:
– Management: Leadership, managerial skills, interpersonal skills, self-confidence, diversity management, equity and inclusion
– Transition coaching (new position, expatriation, reorientation)
– Support of talents from diverse backgrounds in their career development
– Young talents: take charge of your career and develop your leadership

Team Coaching:
– Inclusion of all talents
– Create an environment of psychological safety
– Interpersonal communication and conflict management
– Animation of co-development groups, circles of empathy

My motivation as a Professional Coach :
I recognize the richness and diversity of potentials. Coaching is a great opportunity to offer confidence, recognizing the other as being able to make their own choices. I like to offer tools, develop initiatives that allow individuals to fulfill themselves, in their own lives and within organizations for a positive impact.


Formations / Memberships :
ICF Member – International Coaching Federation
Certified Gender Diversity Programme, INSEAD
Certified Hogan psychometric tests
Certified Harisson psychometric tests
ICT Engineer Diploma (Telecom Sud Paris, France)

Voluntary Commitments:
Member of the Board of Directors of Main-Forte
Association of Sports for the Blind of Metropolitan Montreal (ASAMM)
Montreal Y Women’s
APF France Handicap

Inspiring quotes:
« Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. »
Viktor E. Frankl
« Diversity is being invited to the party, Inclusion is being asked to dance. »
Verna Myers