Emilie Guay - Gestion du Changement

Émilie Guay

Coach and Consultant in Change Management
Agile – Continuous Improvement

NLP Professional Coach
Member ACMP (Association of Change Management professionals)
15 years in change lead roles on IT change and transformation projects
Graduate in intervention and organizational change

Montreal – Video
English – French

Emilie has hands-on experience in managing change over 15 years in several industries, including manufacturing, telecommunications, insurance, retail, utilities and the banking sector. Her strength lies in her ability to quickly understand strategic issues and complex situations.

In addition to mastering the different tools, methodologies and concepts of agility and change management, she is able to propose approaches adapted to the context and the culture of her clients.

In coaching mode, she quickly establishes a relationship of trust with her clients and is recognized for her contagious energy and determination.

Specific skills:

  • Support in transformation and change management strategy
  • Agility, continuous improvement
  • Project Management and Change management
  • Creativity

Individual Coaching of Managers and Project Managers:
– Communication, Emotional intelligence
– Courage in management
– Leadership Style
– Political skills

Team Coaching:
– Support of teams in their project of evolution and change

– Development and evolution of a project team
– Trust and commitment
– Cohesion and Collaboration

My motivation to be a Coach in change management:
Changes are accelerating and the pressure is strong to adopt them quickly. Solutions no longer come from a single decision maker, but from an individual collective. We need to create in our teams a space in which everyone can make a contribution to their full potential.
In my quest for optimization and change acceleration, I accompany teams and managers in creating environments in which people will express their full potential, grow and will be fulfilled.

Accompanying a team and managers is equivalent to positively influencing 100 people at a time. It’s the infinite power of positive contamination. A happy employee contaminates his team, colleagues, organization, family and society.
When there are sparks in the eyes of the employees, we will know that we have succeeded.

Some references in organizations:

  • Bombardier Aerospace
  • Vidéotron
  • National Bank
  • City of Montreal

Certifications / Memberships:

  • ACMP, The Association of Change Management
  • AGILE Scrum Master, 2017, Pyxis
  • AGILE Product Owner, 2016, ÉTS-School of Advanced technology
  • Corporate Coaching, 2016, Centre Québecois de PNL
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, 2015, Quebec Quality Movement (MQQ)

Inspiring Phrases:

“If one treats an individual as he is (as we believe): He will remain what he is.” If one treats this person as if she was already what she might be; Then she has a chance of becoming it “

“Surviving species are not the strongest or most intelligent species, but those that best adapt to change”
(Charles Darwin)

“Every individual works in the whole cosmos.” 
(Friedrich Nietzsche)