Guillemette Moreau - Professional Coach - NLP - Process Communication

Guillemette Moreau

NLP Certified Coach
Process Communication ® C
ertified Trainer and Coach
Member ICF – SICPNL – RITMA (insurance receipts)
20 years in management positions in multinational companies
Graduate of the ESSEC Business School

Coaching face-to-face (Montreal – Quebec) and video-conference
French / English

Specific competencies:

  • Stimulates long-term strategic thinking, both in terms of business and the human dimension of projects.
  • Combines empathy, intellectual rigor and humor to help her clients evolve smoothly
  • Cultural adaptability, intellectual and human curiosity, creativity

Individual coaching of leaders, entrepreneurs and managers:
– Leadership, managerial and relational skills, self-confidence

– Transition coaching (new position, succession planing, expatriation, career transition)
– Clarification of goals and of the mission of the individual in his function
– Positive stress management, balance of personal and professional life

Team coaching:
– Change management
– Interpersonal communication and conflict management
– Team building (existing teams and new project teams)
– Clarification of the goals and the mission of the group, of its identity and its values
– Development of collective competence (professional co-development)

– Process Communication: Communication / Collaboration / Conflict Management
– Stress Management: Diagnosis / Tools / Conciliation pro-personal life
– Time Management: Priorities / Personal Organization / Collective Efficacy
– Emotional Intelligence: Self Confidence / Understanding Others / Collaboration

My motivation to be a Professional Coach:
I believe in the power of coherence: when the meaning is there, the objectives are clear and the action aligned. When actors are motivated and customers satisfied. And that working as a team with good partners multiplies ideas and fun.

As a coach, I’m here to support you, challenge you, ask you sometimes incongruous questions… in order to stimulate your creativity, reveal your unique qualities and accompany you in your career success.


Training / Memberships:

  • NLP Certified Coach
  • Process Communication ® Certified Trainer
  • Process Communication ® Certified Coach
  • ESSEC Business School (France) – Master in Science of Management
  • ICF – International Coach Federation

Coaching references:

  • Ubisoft Divertissements
  • Beiersdorf Canada


Inspirational phrases:
“Which way should I go? That depends on where you are going” 
(Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll)

“The map is not the territory”
(NLP principle): everyone has his own vision of the world and we learn by enriching our respective maps of the world.