Good morning,

Maybe like for me, your day has only 24 hours, you need to sleep and you wish to have a personal life…

I have received trainings in time management, teaching me how to articulate the urgent and the important, but each time the double question arises: how to evaluate the urgency? how to assess the importance of a situation, of a task or a topic?

Here are 4 simple questions to help you PRIORITIZE your activities:

  1. Does this relate to one of my META-objectives?

Meta-what? OK your SUPER-objectives, those who guide you over the long term, for example your clients’ satisfaction rate for the next 3 years, or the purchase of the dream bike!

Take the time to define your meta-objectives let’s say for 1 to 3 years.
Once defined, display them prominently before you in your office or your bathroom.
When you have a choice of priorities, return to these meta-objectives as a FIRST FILTER.

  1. Is this of my responsibility?

This seems obvious and yet how many times do we get trapped!
Even if this is part of our meta-objectives, this does not mean that we must do everything…

Dare to SAY NO is a blessing for your diary!

  1. Do I have the means to do it well and in the time frame?

Before you begin, make sure that the ‘contract’ (with yourself, with the client, with the business partner) is clear:
– what level of quality is necessary or expected?
– what is the deadline?

Identify and negotiate these 2 parameters BEFORE starting will save you much time and energy!

  1. Do I want to do it?

It seems a bit arrogant to ask this, do we have always the choice? And yet MOTIVATION will allow you to be effective.
If you have a real problem of motivation, you need to identify it quickly, listen to your inner dialogue to understand where it comes from and work on yourself or find how to delegate it.

In summary therefore:
– Know and filter based on your META-OBJECTIVES,
– SAY NO to what is not your responsibility,
– Identify and NEGOTIATE the quality and deadlines
and finally make sure your MOTIVATION.

See you soon! Guillemette 

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