This book will change your way of managing (or not managing) your career:

 The start up of youTHE START-UP OF YOU – Reid Hoffmann & Ben Casnocha

By one of the founders of LinkedIn, a powerful vision of the paradigm shift in career management.
This book is already a few years old and still so relevant.

For all those who know consciously or unconsciously that linear and unsurprising careers no longer exist.

Some key ideas:

  • Change your mindset:

Traditional career “elecators” no longer exist and we must take control of our careers in a dynamic and entrepreneurial way:
– Know how to differentiate and find our “niche”
– Invest in our skills and abilities
– Choose our environment and change it if needed
It’s up to us to take the lead of our career!

  • Experiment:

Setting career goals in a theoretical way and then trying to reach them assumes a static world.
On the contrary, it is through experimentation that we will make our way and discover ourselves throughout.
To do this, explicit our hypotheses, test them, having a B plan and a Z rescue plan.

  • Care for your network:

It is through our network that we will have access to resources, opportunities and information.
Beyond our “allies” (close circle), it is our more distant connections that will bring diversity in our network and therefore access to new information.

  • Be on the lookout for opportunities:

For this be proactive, do new things, use networks and associations of people.
Even better, create yours.

  • Take smart risks:

In order to find opportunities that others will not see.
Assume that real risk is often lower than yoy believe, especially if the situation is reversible along the way or if the worst case is tolerable.

  • Invest in information:

Today knowing where to find information is more important than knowing.
And it is through our network that we have access to it.


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