Rory Vaden – How to multiply your time (video)

An interesting summary of the history of “Time Management”:

  • After a first step focused on efficiency (how to do more in less time),
  • A second “two-dimensional” step around priorities (articulation between urgency and importance),
  • There is a new logic in 3 dimensions: How to “multiply” time by adding the duration in time.

The central question then becomes : how do I invest my time today to win tomorrow?

And the funnel of time management becomes:

  1. What can I eliminate?
  2. What can I automate to save time tomorrow? Concept of Return On Time Investment
  3. What can I delegate?
  4. What can I postpone? Notion of “procrastination on purpose”
    (and later it comes back to the top of the funnel with another possibility of being eliminated, automated, delegated…)
Source: TEDxDouglasville
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