Loss of motivation?

Lack of meaning in your current work?

Life changes, moving, expatriation…

Job loss

Afraid of becoming obsolete?

Career Coaching Program

A complete Coaching Program to clarify your Professional Project

By Video, wherever you are in the world

A complete program:

► 5 modules of preparation by video-guided coaching

► 10 hours of individual coaching with a dedicated professional coach

► Included: Your Process Communication Model© Personality Inventory

To go at your own pace:

You are in a hurry and have time to prepare our sessions quickly: the program can be done in a few weeks.

You want more time,for example to test options: we adapt our sessions to meet YOUR needs.

Career Assessment

Module 1 – Career Assessment

Preparatory work guided by video capsule:
– Skills Assessment
– Motivation Assessment

Individual Coaching Workshops to:
– Understand your area of excellence and the conditions to activate it
– Define the potential you want to develop


Module 2 – Self-Knowledge

Preparatory work guided by video capsule:
– Who are you?
– How do others perceive you?

Process Communication Model© Personality Inventory

Individual Coaching Workshops to:
– Better understand you especially under stress
– Improve your interpersonal communication

Your Life Project

Module 3 – Your Life Project

Preparatory work guided by video capsule:
– Your Current Life Balance
– Your Dreams and Limits

Individual Coaching Workshops to:
– Project yourself into the future
– Relocate the professional sphere in your life balance

Your Options

Module 4 – Your Options

Preparatory work guided by video capsule:
– Your professional selection criteria
– Broaden the scope of your options

Individual Coaching Workshops for:
– Select your A / B / Z options
– Prepare your test plan

Your Professional Project

Module 5 – Your Professional Project

Preparatory work guided by video capsule:
– Deepen and evaluate your options

Individual Coaching Workshops for:
– Refine your professional project
– Action plan

Is this the right program for you?

Depending on your situation and your goals, let’s discuss together the best support formula.

Let’s meet during a free video appointment:


Module 1 + 2 : 1.250CAN$ / 950€ taxes included

Complete Program : 2.250CAN$ / 1.750€ taxes included

Contact us if you want a quote for your employer.

You career coachs for this programme :

Guillemette Moreau

Guillemette Moreau

Laure Pélissier

Laure Pélissier

I absolutely recommend this program. You’re going to do a much deeper job than you think.
This will change your attitude towards work, your colleagues and your “professional self”, as well as make you grow on a personal level.
Guillemette’s approach to coaching combines a very rigorous and down-to-earth attitude, with great understanding and sensitivity.


Financial Analyst, London (United Kingdom)

Professional coaching: a way to put your ideas on the table, reflect on them and put a plan in place to achieve these goals/ideas.
Guillemette knows her field as well as the world of business, which is a real plus I think for her role as a professional coach. Good listening, beautiful energy.

Emmanuelle Lutringer

Strategic Account Manager, San Francisco (USA)

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