Individual and Collective Efficiency

Work less... Work BETTER!

Help your organization become more efficient.


Overwhelmed by an avalanche of meetings and emails?
Analyze your current situation: responsibilities, tasks, meetings…
Develop self-knowledge to understand how you got there
Identify your failure scenarios and your energy losses

Where is your added value?
What are your 20/80 in relation to your job description, and compared to your actual activity?
Analyze your strengths to focus on them

Tools for personal efficiency:

Regain control of your life:
Redefine your perimeter and boundaries, negotiate your responsibilities and resources
Learn to say NO to others… and to yourself!
Benefit from good planning: clear objectives, performance indicators, regular status…

What are your priorities and timelines?
Test the FDP method: Filter, Delegate, Postpone
Organization of your agenda, management of urgencies, and of interruptions
Make your communication more efficient

Collective efficiency:

Build strong teams with strategic alignment:
Start with the Why: Mission, vision, identity, values…
Clearly define the What: project, concrete objectives, team responsibilities
Take the time to clarify the How: critical skills and resources, organization, roles and responsibilities, action plans, modes of communication

Develop motivation:
Divide roles and styles of collaboration according to each individual’s strengths and skills.
Know how to celebrate success.

Optimize internal communication:
Understand each other’s roles, issues and personalities to adapt their communication and anticipate conflicts
Develop emotional intelligence to take advantage of each other’s strengths and create synergies
Learn how to practice reformulation and feedback on a daily basis.
Manage meetings effectively and do not get bogged down in non-stop meetings.

Our team of management coaches:

Guillemette Moreau

Guillemette Moreau
NLP – Process Communication
20 years in corporate leading positions.

Jorj Helou

Jorj Helou
18 years in the field of skills development and leadership.

Andrea Kaiser

Andrea Kaiser
NLP – Process Communication.
15 years in corporate leading positions.

Christian Rocher

Christian Rocher
NLP Coach
15 years in multicultural environments
Change management

Sylvie Gervais

Sylvie Gervais
NLP Coach and Trainer.
20 years in Legal and Finance.

Guillemette Moreau helped us to give a second breath into the company.

After the years of creation, the company had entered a routine. During the Visio-Conference sessions we were able to get a full overview of the activity, existing opportunities and test our motivations.

Thanks to its original method and experience, we were able to mobilize our energies in a new profitable dynamic.

Alain Le Calvez - Angers (France)

Fondateur et dirigeant, ChicVillas

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