Process Communication

Better know each other to better communicate

A model of Observation and Communication

Fruit of the research conducted by Taibi Kahler, PhD., in the 1970s, in partnership with NASA, Process Communication® was born in 1982 in the United States. This model allows to better understand yourself, better understand others, and optimize relationships.

The personality of an individual is composed of a subtle and unique combination of 6 types of personalities. From this combination will appear behavioral characteristics, preferential modes of reality “filtering” and understanding, motivations, ways to communicate and predictable behaviors under stress.

Identify and understand these behaviors allows us to improve our professional and personal quality of life, to individualize our communication and our leadership, to manage conflict, and maintain a relationship of quality with everyone. This model, relevant and effective, has quickly established itself in Europe as an essential tool for organizations.

The predictability of behavior under stress:
Each personality type has its own way to behave according to the intensity of stress. This behavioral sequence, predictable, observable and reversible, offers an illuminating model to understand and manage relational difficulties.

Interview of Taibi Kahler, founder of the Process Communication Model:
Overview over personality types :

Some global companies using Process Communication Model ® :

“Essential for managers and leaders”

“One of the most practical and applicable communication courses I have ever had”

“You will learn things you can not imagine” …

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Process Communication® Coaching:


Make your Personality Inventory

From the results of an online questionnaire, your certified coach Process Communication® makes you discover your personality profile including:
– Keys to success
– Areas of perception
– Personality strengths
– Preferred mode of interaction
– Stress warning signs
– Communications channels
– Preferred management style to manage or be managed.

You leave with your profile Process Communication®, a rich and personalized document. It provides you keys and tracks of work for your daily life, taking into account the strengths of your personality as well as the indicators to be monitored to avoid being overwhelmed by stress.

Individual Coaching:

From your Process Communication® profile and depending on your goals, you will work in individual sessions with a certified Process Communication® coach:
– Improvement of your communication impact
– Individualized management
– Conflict management
– Business performance
– Aid to recruitment…

Team Coaching:

From the Process Communication® profiles of the team members or partners in business, and based on their personal and collective goals, you will work in group sessions with a certified Process Communication® coach:
– Improve internal communication
– Team building
– Conflict management…

Process Communication® Trainings:

Individualize your communication with Process Communication Model ®

  • Certified Trainings to Process Communication Model ®
    Main subjects : Perceptions, Personality Types, Communication Channels, Base and Phases, Psychological Needs, Stress Sequences
  • Personality Inventory of participants included
  • Format: 2 days + 1 day or 2 half-days (practice on real cases)
  • Recommended maximal size of groups: 10 participants

Specific version for Sales related functions

Specific version for Human Resources related functions

  • INTRA-organization :
    Location : inside the organization
    If possible with established teams (team building coaching)
  • Public trainings:
    Location : Montreal – Downtown
    Please contact us for the 2020 training schedule