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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


“Everyone already possesses all the resources needed to accomplish his/her objective” (NLP principle)

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an approach dedicated to the study of human behavior in its dimensions of communication, learning and change.

NLP focuses on the results (what does work?) and then on the process to achieve these results (how could this work?).

In this sense, it doesn’t seek so much to know what is true or false, what is good or not good from a moral point of view. But rather what works and what doesn’t.
It is an approach that brings the person to stand as an observer to be able to get out of limited or even constraining frames (“ideological frameworks”). Thus it helps us to enlarge our vision of things and to become an actor more open, autonomous and able to develop.

NLP aims at the personal development of individuals. It wants to provide practical tools to better communicate, learn and change based on clear theoretical approaches that have proven their effectiveness by tangible results.

NLP coaching:

NLP coaching can be defined as a process of action and solutions-oriented guidance that leverages the NLP toolbox. It helps the client achieve a specific goal in an ecological and optimally-timed manner.

The flexibility and versatility of NLP tolls allow the client to respond to a multitude of contexts and issues. Indeed, whether for personal or professional challenges, your certified NLP coach will offer optimal tailor-made guidance.

Your coach may intervene on behaviors, abilities, beliefs or identity components to allow you to reach your goal.

A certified NLP coach accompanies you in achieving your goals by promoting a practical approach, rigorous and flexible.

To be certified as a NLP Coach requires 1000 hours of training with supervision.

Source: SICPNL (International Society of NLP Coaches)


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