Corporate Coaching and Professional Training

Focusing on clients’ personal development AND on business concrete results

We combine professional coaching and corporate experience to help you:

  • Step back on yourselves and your career
  • Develop a clear and concrete vision of your objectives and of your personal and professional development
  • Take action in a strategic and effective manner while respecting your “ecology” (stress, life balance, health…)

For a happier professional world, more motivated and efficient!

  • Coaching face-to-face (Montreal – Quebec – Zurich)

  • Coaching per video 

  • Trainings and Workshops

Coaching for
Executives & Entrepreneurs

Executive Coaching

Goals definition
Decision support
Skills and Leadership

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Managerial Development

Managerial Development Coaching

Leadership – Self-confidence
Interpersonal communication
Personal and collective Efficiency

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Professional Transition

Professional Transition Coaching

New position, Change Management
Expatriation, Detachment abroad
Adaptation to a shift in work content

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& Collaboration

Process Communication - Communication and Collaboration

Team coaching
Relational flexibility and Conflict management
Process Communication Training

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Individual and
Collective Efficiency

Individual and Collective Efficiency

Performance Coaching
Team Coaching
Time Management Trainings

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Stress Management
& Life Balance

Stress Management and Life Balance

Daily stress management
Prevention of burnout
Workshops and Conferences

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We provide EFFICIENT support
to help you define YOUR goals and find YOUR solutions:

  • Business coaching offered by a team of professional coaches certified in NLP with at least 10 years experience in business

  • Coaching in English, French and German, in person, by video conference and telephone.
  • Regardless of your location, we will find a slot for you.
  • “Hotline” service within 24 hours to our clients facing important decisions and difficult situations.

Coherence Coaching - Clarify your objectives

Some references:

I have always been a sceptic on these types of programs and felt in the past they were just an attendance program. But not this one, it is one on one and you are really made to think about yourself so it was far better than others I have done. Guillemette questions well and has the emphasis on you talking about you, she had me look at myself and my approach to others, to understand how I impacted them and others they work with. For me the course achieved something in that respect that none of the others ever did.
Ian Hamill - Vancouver (Canada)

Manager Marine and Intermodal Operations, CMA-CGM Canada