Define your professional Goals and take Action

career coaching

What do you want from your professional life ?

Looking for more motivation ?
Need for change ?
Desire for more meaning?


Bilan professionnel

Where are you ?

Professional assessment:
Career coaching helps you to :
– Acknowledge your technical learning, human skills…
– Identify where you are at your best
– and understand your possible frustrations !

Develop a deeper knowledge of yourself:
– What are your motivational factors, your values,
– What you want to bring to the world…

Clarifiez vos Objectifs Professionnels

Where do you want to go ?

Drawing your professional goal:
What if you dreamed of your life project? You may be surprised at how your vision affects reality!
It will help you define your next professional step: what do you want to develop in yourself, what will you gain from it, what will you bring to others?

Strategic analysis :
Do your own strategic analysis, your personal “SWOT”:
– what are your strengths and weaknesses?
– what are your opportunities and threats in the market?

Anticipate changes in your business and on the market.

Clarifiez vos Objectifs Professionnels

Taking action

Work on your “positioning”:
What could be your unique value in the market, for your potential employers or future customers? Who are your allies? What is your network?

Test your project:
Take the time to test your project, refine it, reorient it.

Start your project:
We coach you in the implementation phase and we support your perseverance on the long run.

Note: We are not orientation counselors nor employment counselors.


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Career coaching allows to step back and reflect on our situation, and build the future with hindsight on our deeper needs.

What I appreciated the most: NLP practical exercises and the exercises on my life mission.

Guillemette Moreau has a very good vision of everyone’s abilities and knows the professional business environment.


Supply Chain Director, Paris (France)

I will not hesitate to use coaching again for a next professional step!

If you feel a little lost, without being able to organize one’s thoughts, coaching is an excellent tool to better understand yourself, to take a step back and find your own way.

Angelina Chardonnieras

Marketing Manager, Montreal (Canada)

Career coaching can also help you for :

Coaching d'aide à la décision

Decision taking:

An interesting offer?
You are contacted for an attractive but potentially risky professional opportunity: changing branch, career, country…
How to evaluate the situation and clarify your criteria for success and to align your decision on your professional goal ?

Decision support:
Do you need urgently to take an important professional decision?
Coaching helps you clarify goals and issues, get out of the sense of urgency and take well-thught decisions.
Within 48 hours, we will find a slot for a coaching session by video or by telephone.

Difficultés face au changement

Storm announced?

A difficult period in your sector, a buyout, a merger …
You have the impression of being left alone in a rocking boat?
Your horizon is narrowing and you risk being left stranded?

Anticipate to adapt better:
The ostrich policy is dangerous for your career and your health.
Get yourself accompanied to regain power over your professional life.

Note: We can coach you as a private client or propose a coaching plan for you to your employer.

Tailor-made Coaching

For ad-hoc support:
– Change of professional situation
– Decision to be made
– Job interview to prepare …

Video Sessions within 48 hours, wherever you are in the world. You pay by the session, and stop when you want.

Hourly rate :
EURO: from 100€ taxes included
CAN$: from $150 taxes included

Contact-us for a free video-call:

Career Coaching Program

For in-depth work on your professional path and project.

Based on years of experience in career coaching, a full program with:

  • 5 modules with online guided work (videos and working documents)
  • 10 hours of individual coaching with a dedicated coach
  • Your Process Communication Personality Inventory

More details:


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