For a happier professional world, more motivated and efficient!







Our Mission

A happier professional world, more motivated and efficient!

Our Values

Coherence – Efficiency
Integrity – Collaboration
Autonomy – Ecology

Our methods

Solution Oriented Coaching, NLP, Process Communication, Professional Codevelopment…

YOUR results

… so that you can reach your goals!

Our network of professional coachs and trainers :

Guillemette Moreau

Guillemette Moreau

NLP Certified Coach
Process Communication® Certified Trainer and Coach

20 years in leading positions in multinational companies
ESSEC Business School

Montreal – Video-conference
English / French

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Paul David

Paul David

NLP Certified Professional Coach
NLP Certified Trainer

Bachelor of Business Administration
25 years in corporate management positions

Coaching face-to-face (Montreal) and video-conference
English / French

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Andrea Kaiser

Andrea Kaiser

NLP Corporate Coach

15 years experience in multinational companies
Mediator – Attorney (Switzerland)

Zurich – Video-conference
English / French / German

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