Coaching for Executives and Entrepreneurs

To fight altitude loneliness...

Discover efficient and action-focused coaching for executives.

And thanks to video-conference, we will be at your side wherever you are.

Business Coaching

Dynamic and pragmatic Business Coaching:

We offer long-term business relationships to executives and entrepreneurs : with regular meetings (usually on a monthly basis) and some “hotline” service if needed.
We are at your side in the ups and downs of your activity, and in your professional and personal challenges.

Rework regularly your objectives:
2 times a year (or more often if you wish), we organize a session about results and perspectives, to help you keep the right direction while dealing with daily business needs :
– is your mission still clear ?
– how far are you on your way towards your objectives ?
– re-discuss strategic choices
– precise your action plans

Growth management:
You realize that your organization will need to switch to a higher gear…
Are you considering an association, a partnership or hiring?
Anticipate and reflect about the impact on your organization and your management style…

Change and transition phases:
Facing a difficult period in your branch, a takeover, a merger…?
You will be able to discuss with us options and decisions to be taken in total confidentiality, as well as the impact on your professional and personal life. We will challenge you on “difficult” subjects, to help you go further in your thinking.

Individual Coaching for Executives

Individual Coaching for Leaders and Entrepreneurs :

Leadership and Communication :
Your team grows and you need to adapt your style of management and of communication?
We are here to help you develop your leadership and communication skills.

Stress management and life balance:
If you have difficult to disconnect from work, if your personal life or your health begin to suffer, do not loose time and step back !
Our professional coachs are or have been entrepreneurs and high-level managers; they will be on your side to help you manage stress and keep positive energy on the long-run.

Personal efficacy and time management:
Papers are piling high, emails boxes are about to explode, you feel overwhelmed by your to-do lists…
We can help you with proven technics, to be adapted to your own working methods.

Decision support:
Do you need quickly to take an important decision on a specific subject?
We will find within 24 hours a spot for a 1- or 2-hour session by video or by telephone.

Coaching for Business Partners

Coaching for Business partners :

A business association can be a honeymoon or a nightmare…
And even more if your are working with your parents, brothers or sisters : separating professional and private spheres of your life will be an even higher challenge and saying NO a daily challenge.

Work on solid bases RIGHT FROM THE START and be as clear as possible about your:
– individual and common objectives
– communication styles
– reactions under stress
– work organization and rhythms

If you are already dealing with FRUSTRATIONS and CONFLICTS:
Give yourselves another chance to work on your foundations, a professional coach can help you !

Our team for executive coaching :

Guillemette Moreau

Guillemette Moreau
NLP – Process Communication.
20 years in corporate leading positions.

Jorj Helou

Jorj Helou
NLP Coach.
18 years in the field of skills development and leadership.

Andrea Kaiser

Andrea Kaiser
NLP – Process Communication.
15 years in corporate leading positions.

Christian Rocher

Christian Rocher
NLP Coach
15 years in multicultural environments
Change management

Guillemette Moreau has helped us in finding a second wind to the company.
Past the years of creation, the company had entered into a routine.

During the video-conference sessions Guillemette allowed us to do a comprehensive overview of the activity, existing opportunities and test our motivations.

Thanks to her original method and experience we were able to mobilize our energies in a new profitable dynamic.

Alain Le Calvez - Angers (France)

Founder and CEO, ChicVillas

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