Transition Coaching

Turn change into an OPPORTUNITY!

Support your leaders in their career transitions.

New position :

Internal promotion :
Tailor-made coaching during the first months in office.
Especially if the person has been promoted to his/her team, and is now the manager of former colleagues.

New team member :
Help a new manager to quickly take on new responsibilities:
– quickly understand the culture of the organization
– adapt hiss/her management style to the new environment
– optimize the “honeymoon” period

Storm annouced ?

Lack of resources in front of a new challenge :
Help as soon as possible the person to:
– quickly understand the stakes of the mission and take the pulse of the situation
– clarify his/her objectives as a person, in the function and as team member
– manage stress in a positive way

A difficult period in your sector, a buyout, a merger …
Your teams have the impression of being left alone ?
We can provide individual coaching to key-people in your organization or design a more general plan to support change.

Expatriation, management of cultural differences :

Expatriation :
We propose specific coaching for expatriates (and for life partners) in the cultural adaptation phase.
In addition to the language barrier or the management of a family move, they will need to review their way to communicate and adapt their behaviours.
Without forgetting to prepare the “next step”…

Multi-cultural teams:
Specific for global organizations
To avoid that cultural differences, mind reading and prejudice undermine the daily communication and collaboration of teams, we offer specific training in interpersonal communication.

Our team for professional transition coaching :

Guillemette Moreau

Guillemette Moreau
NLP – Process Communication.
20 years in corporate leading positions.

Jorj Helou

Jorj Helou
NLP Coach.
18 years in the field of skills development and leadership.

Andrea Kaiser

Andrea Kaiser
NLP – Process Communication.
15 years in corporate leading positions.

Christian Rocher

Christian Rocher
NLP Coach
15 years in multicultural environments
Change Management

Sylvie Gervais

Sylvie Gervais
NLP Coach and Trainer.
20 years in Legal and Finance.

Very helpful during this professional transition period. Having this session appeared like a real “pause” every 2 weeks and help to take a step back.

Guillemette has a really great way to listen. She shows great energy, synthesis capacity and great corporate expertise, understand the company world and management issues.

CR - Montreal

Director, Ubisoft

It has changed things for me on a very deep level. I feel immensely more aligned with my work self – I see it much more as an extension of myself now, rather than as a necessity I have to live with. This has brought me much more confidence and much more peace.
Overall I feel much better equipped to restart my professional career on a solid basis, and I also feel more confident within (beyond the professional aspect) through the deep work that has been done.
NN - London (UK)

Financial analyst in transition

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