Communication and Collaboration

How to make : 1 + 1 = 3

The key to successful organizations:

efficient communication and team collaboration!

Communication Coaching and Training

Interpersonal Communication:

Developing emotional intelligence (see D. Goleman) by:Self-awareness: understanding our emotions, recognizing their influence and using them to guide our decisions.

  • Self-control: control our emotions and impulses to better adapt to change.
  • Understanding others: our ability to detect, understand and respond to other people’s emotions.
  • Relationship management: our ability to inspire and influence others while promoting their development, and managing conflict.

Communication skills and Conflict Management:
We work with the Process Communication model to help our customers:

  • Better understand oneself, their strengths and weaknesses in communication.
  • Strive to understand the other person, change their point of view to enlarge their understanding of reality
  • Manage delicate situations with finesse.

To develop the communication skills of your employees:

  • Workshop “Communicate Better”: 3h with options for a short format (1h30) or a day-long seminar format.
  • Process Communication Trainings: intra-company or public training (Montreal). Learn more
  • Individual Coaching with the possibility of making a Process Communication Personality Inventory. Learn more
  • Team Coaching

Process Communication ModelProcess Communication®:

Discover this powerful psychological model :
– to get keys to better understand how you and your contacts “function”
– to be able to act accordingly in order to ensure the communication quality

All this, even under stress, in order to anticipate and manage misunderstandings and conflicts.
Learn more about Process Communication

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration:

Create STRONG TEAMS with Strategic Alignment:

  • Start with WHY ! The team will reflect on its mission, vision, identity and values…
  • Define the WHAT : Project, concrete objectives, responsibilities…
  • Take time to precise the HOW : Critical competences and resources, organization, roles and responsibilities, ways of communication…


  • Understand the roles, issues and personalities of each team member to adapt communication and anticipate conflicts
  • Develop emotional intelligence for individuals and groups to build on each other’s strengths and create synergies
  • Be more efficient in everyday life: personal and collective organization, techniques of reformulation, feedback …
Collective Competence

Collective Competence:

What if good practices and skills were already present internally?

Groups of professional codevelopment can help your employees to :

  • Learn how to be more effective in finding new ways to think, feel and act in its current practice
  • Require to take always a time for reflection on professional practice
  • Have a professional membership group where confidence and solidarity prevail
  • Consolidate its professional identity by comparing his practice to those of others
  • Learn how to help (consultant) and to be helped (client).

To learn more about Professional Codevelopment

Our experts for team coaching :

Guillemette Moreau

Guillemette Moreau
NLP – Process Communication.
20 years in corporate leading positions.

Jorj Helou

Jorj Helou
NLP coach.
18 years in the field of skills development and leadership.

Andrea Kaiser

Andrea Kaiser
NLP – Process Communication – Mediation.
15 years in corporate leading positions.

Christian Rocher

Christian Rocher
NLP Coach
15 years in multicultural environments
Change management

Sylvie Gervais

Sylvie Gervais
NLP Coach and Trainer.
20 years in Legal and Finance.

Process Communication helps identify the type of the other partner in interpersonal communication to understanding “what’s the game.”
It provides keys to explain the present, the past and predict in some extent the future of my interpersonal reactions and interactions. Fascinating.
Frédéric Thébaud - Zurich (Switzerland)

VP Supply Chain

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