To improve your interpersonal communication,

Be more efficient in your management,

Have more impact and influence,

Avoid some conflicts,

Better negotiate…

Communication Coaching Program

A comprehensive Coaching and Training Program
to improve your Communication

By Video, wherever you are in the world


A complete program:

► 10 training and coaching modules guided by video

► 10 individual coaching workshops of 1h30

► Included: Your Process Communication Personality Inventory©

To go at your own pace:

► You are in a hurry and have time to prepare our sessions quickly: the program can be done in a few months.

► You want more time,for example to practice more: we adapt our sessions to meet YOUR needs.

Communication Coaching Program - Module 1
Communication Coaching Program - Module 2
Communication Coaching Program - Module 3
Communication Coaching Program - Module 4
Communication Coaching Program - Module 5
Communication Coaching Program - Module 6
Communication Coaching Program - Module 7
Communication Coaching - Module 6
Communication Coaching Program - Module 9
Communication Coaching Program - Module 10

Is this the right program for you?

Depending on your situation and your goals, let’s discuss together the best support formula.

Let’s meet during a free video appointment to discuss your needs:



Contact us for partial support by Emploi Québec

Possibility to split the program.


Coherence Coaching

Coherence Coaching

We are a network of professional coaches and trainers in Canada and Europe and we work by video around the world. We support you in your professional development, growing in particular in your leadership and communication skills…

For a happier, more motivated and efficient professional world!

Guillemette Moreau

Guillemette Moreau

Guillemette supports leaders and professional teams in their development to help them clarify their objectives and take action to achieve them.
She leads her clients to ask themselves the fundamental questions that will help them bring their lives into line with their values and reach their full potential.

Certified in NLP and Process Communication, ICF member and graduate of ESSEC Business School, Guillemette has a great knowledge of organizations with more than 20 years of experience in international companies in management positions.

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