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Help your managers grow and develop their talents.

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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching:

Managers are the “distribution belt” between the management and the operational staff. With the risk of being caught between their bosses and their teams, and working hard, too hard, to satisfy everyone.
Coaching can help them develop in their role:

Add “soft skills” to technical know-how:
Managers were generally promoted because they were excellent in their functional area. This has advantages … and disadvantages: they may have difficulty delegating or simply assuming that their manager’s performance now largely depends on that of their employees.

Find their style (s) of leadership:
Democrat, authoritarian, mentor, team gatherer, project’s holder…
Depending on their personality and that of their collaborators, the stakes of their function, and the culture of the organization, we help your managers develop effective situational leadership.

Develop global vision:
Often caught in operations, managers need perspective to get out of everyday life and stay focused in the medium and long term. And they often serve as arbitrators or negotiators in discussions or even internal conflicts. Hence the interest of coaching to develop the global and transversal vision of their function in the organization.

Communication Coaching and Training

Communication and Team collaboration:

Developing emotional intelligence (see D. Goleman) by:
Self-awareness: understanding our emotions, recognizing their influence and using them to guide our decisions.
Self-control: control our emotions and impulses to better adapt to change.
Understanding others: our ability to detect, understand and respond to other people’s emotions.
Relationship management: our ability to inspire and influence others while promoting their development, and managing conflict.

Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management:
We work with the Process Communication model to help our customers:
– Better understand oneself, their strengths and weaknesses in communication.
– Strive to understand the other person, change their point of view to enlarge their understanding of reality
– Manage delicate situations with finesse

Motivation and team collaboration:
By better understanding the needs of their employees and their partners, our clients can adapt their communication in depth and form in order to develop motivation, commitment and collaboration on their projects.

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Personal and Collective Efficiency

Personal and Collective productivity:

Be clear about priorities:
As team leaders and project managers, your managers decide and manage priorities on a daily basis. With the challenges of managing emergencies and permanent change, and knowing how to say NO to non priority requests.

Personal organization and time management:
Too many meetings, too many tools, too many interruptions … More to do and fewer resources …
How to manage agenda and communications effectively? We offer tools, specific workshops on the subject.

Know how to arbitrate Efficacy and Efficiency:
Efficacy is the achievement of the goal itself. Efficiency means reaching the goal at the lowest cost, and therefore maximizing the use of the organization’s resources.
Managers often find themselves the referees between being efficient and satisfying their customers or hierarchy as quickly and efficiently as possible, and being efficient in negotiating deadlines or functionalities …

Collective efficiency:
How to share the vision and goals of the organization, develop the autonomy and motivation of the teams. Manage meetings effectively and not get overwhelmed with them. Know how to celebrate success …

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Our team for managerial development coaching :

Guillemette Moreau

Guillemette Moreau
NLP – Process Communication
20 years in corporate leading positions.

Jorj Helou

Jorj Helou
18 years in the field of skills development and leadership.

Andrea Kaiser

Andrea Kaiser
NLP – Process Communication
15 years in corporate leading positions.

Christian Rocher

Christian Rocher
15 years in multicultural environments.

Sylvie Gervais

Sylvie Gervais
20 years in Legal and Finance.

This coaching was a breath of fresh air which gave me the chance to re-discover myself, capitalize on my strengths and identify the inner triggers which I can control better when displaying a certain behavior.

Guillemette is a true professional, rigorous, challenging and motivating but always keeping a human touch and a personal approach which I greatly appreciated throughout our sessions!

VC - Montreal (Canada)

Associate Director, Ubisoft

I have always been a sceptic on these types of programs and felt in the past they were just an attendance program. But not this one, it is one on one and you are really made to think about yourself so it was far better than others I have done.

Guillemette questions well and has the emphasis on you talking about you, she had me look at myself and my approach to others, to understand how I impacted them and others they work with. For me the course achieved something in that respect that none of the others ever did.

Ian Hamill - Vancouver (Canada)

Manager Marine and Intermodal Operations, CMA-CGM Canada

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