Stress Management and Life Balance

"Who wants to go far takes care of his horse"

Don’t let your team in body or mind sufferings.

Make your own diagnosis:

Do not wait for regular insomnia or heart palpitations to realize that your body and your mind suffer!

Reflect on your lifestyle:
– What is your professional pace?
– What are your main sources of stress?
– And what about your life balance?
Family, sport, social…
but also culture, time for yourself…

Stress management and burnout prevention:

Before it is too late:
– step back in front of permanent stress
– re – clarify your objectives
– slow down the hamster wheel

Note: The concerned person often does not realize the danger of the situation… As a manager, a colleague, or a HR representative, be attentive to those who work too hard and enter into discussion with them as soon as possible.

Regain good habits for a satisfactory life balance:

Make the link with your sources of motivation:
– What are the moments, tasks or interactions that stimulate you positively?
– When do you have the time to develop yourself intellectually, emotionally… ? To invest in yourself?

Give yourself simple and progressive change objectives

Discover and practice simple and effective techniques:

  • Organization:
    Time management, personal organization
  • Time for yourself :
    Get back in touch with your breath, discover positive visualization, auto-hypnosis or meditation (3 minutes are often enough…)
  • Physical and mental health:
    Stretch your body at your desk or between 2 meetings, get out 5 minutes at lunch to see daylight and breath natural air…
    Practice muscle relaxation exercises, yoga on chair …
    We will give you simple “tricks” to really improve your quality of life at work (and not only)

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