Stress Management and Life Balance

"Who wants to go far takes care of his horse"

Don’t let your team in body or mind sufferings.

Make your own diagnosis:

Do not wait for regular insomnia or heart palpitations to realize that your body and your mind suffer!

Reflect on your lifestyle:
– What is your professional pace?
– What are your main sources of stress?
– And what about your life balance?
Family, sport, social…
but also culture, time for yourself…

Stress management and burnout prevention:

Before it is too late:
– step back in front of permanent stress
– re – clarify your objectives
– slow down the hamster wheel

Note: The concerned person often does not realize the danger of the situation… As a manager, a colleague, or a HR representative, be attentive to those who work too hard and enter into discussion with them as soon as possible.

Regain good habits for a satisfactory life balance:

Make the link with your sources of motivation:
– What are the moments, tasks or interactions that stimulate you positively?
– When do you have the time to develop yourself intellectually, emotionally… ? To invest in yourself?

Give yourself simple and progressive change objectives

Discover and practice simple and effective techniques:

  • Organization:
    Time management, personal organization
  • Time for yourself :
    Get back in touch with your breath, discover positive visualization, auto-hypnosis or meditation (3 minutes are often enough…)
  • Physical and mental health:
    Stretch your body at your desk or between 2 meetings, get out 5 minutes at lunch to see daylight and breath natural air…
    Practice muscle relaxation exercises, yoga on chair …
    We will give you simple “tricks” to really improve your quality of life at work (and not only)

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Coherence Coaching – Supplier of Groupe Entreprises en Santé

Groupe Entreprises en Santé is a community of corporations and service suppliers that learn and share best practices in holistic health at work. Because when employees feel better, they perform better.

According to the Employers Council of Québec, absenteeism linked to professional burn-out and psychological health problems represent 12% of the total payroll…

In our individual and group coaching interventions, or through our trainings, Coherence Coaching wants to be a first-class partner for its clients, in order to prevent psycho-social risks at work and promote holistic health.

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