Guillemette Moreau

Guillemette Moreau

Executive Coach
Business Coach

NLP Coach
Process Communication®  Coach and Trainer
MBTI Certified
Emploi Québec Accredited Trainer

ESSEC Business School
20 years in leading positions in multinational companies
Member ICF

Montreal – Quebec – Video
English / French

Guillemette supports executives, managers and professional teams in their development to help them clarify their objectives and take action to achieve them. She encourages her clients to ask themselves the fundamental questions that will help them put their lives in line with their values and reach their full potential.

Certified in NLP, Process Communication and MBTI, member ICF (International Federation of Coaching), and graduate of ESSEC Business School, Guillemette has a great knowledge of organizations with more than 20 years of experience in international companies in leading positions.

She is recognized for her positive energy, fine psychological understanding, pragmatism and sense of humor.

Specific competencies:

  • Stimulates long-term strategic thinking, both in terms of business and the human dimension of projects.
  • Combines empathy, intellectual rigor and humor to help her clients evolve smoothly
  • Cultural adaptability, intellectual and human curiosity, creativity

Individual coaching of leaders and managers:
– Leadership, managerial and relational skills, self-confidence

– Transition coaching (new position, succession planing, expatriation, career transition)
– Clarification of goals and of the mission of the individual in his function
– Positive stress management, balance of personal and professional life

Team coaching:
– Change management
– Interpersonal communication and conflict management
– Team building (existing teams and new project teams)
– Clarification of the goals and the mission of the group, of its identity and its values
– Development of collective competence (professional co-development)

– Process Communication: Communication / Collaboration / Conflict Management
– Stress Management: Diagnosis / Tools / Conciliation pro-personal life
– Time Management: Priorities / Personal Organization / Collective Efficacy
– Emotional Intelligence: Self Confidence / Understanding Others / Collaboration

My motivation to be a Professional Coach:
I believe in the power of coherence: when the meaning is there, the objectives are clear and the action aligned. When actors are motivated and customers satisfied. And that working as a team with good partners multiplies ideas and fun.

As a coach, I’m here to support you, challenge you, ask you sometimes incongruous questions… in order to stimulate your creativity, reveal your unique qualities and accompany you in your career success.

Training / Memberships:

  • NLP Certified Coach
  • Process Communication ® Certified Trainer
  • Process Communication ® Certified Coach
  • MBTI ® Certified Practitioner
  • ESSEC Business School (France) – Master in Science of Management
  • ICF – International Coach Federation

Some references:

Ubisoft Divertissements – BNP Paribas – CMA-CGM – Beiersdorf – INRA France – Moet Hennessy Chandon – Bayard Presse USA – RISE Kombucha – Inter Mutuelles Assistance


Inspirational phrases:
“Which way should I go? That depends on where you are going” 
(Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll)

“The map is not the territory”
(NLP principle): everyone has his own vision of the world and we learn by enriching our respective maps of the world.

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