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You can learn how to better communicate.

 Lack of self-confidence in interviews?

Coaching helps you improve your impact in communication

Answering the request of some clients, we have developed this specific coaching module to help you:

  • Develop confidence for interviews, networking events, discussions…
  • Be clear on your goal and lead discussions or meetings accordingly, still knowing how to improvise and seize opportunities
  • Adapt to the context and to your contacts: create the connexion, use the adequate channel of communication, understand their needs and issues
  • Reformulate and validate the perceived message
  • Give feedback
  • All this, even under stress, in order to anticipate and manage misunderstandings and conflicts

(About Process Communication)
This is a very powerful tool
, both for better to know yourself and to develop better communication with others – especially at work… I would have liked to have done this in my previous job, where interactions with my colleagues were very difficult…

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Define your Goal

Analyze the context and the issues
Set your communication goal

Develop Yourself

Desactivate your “limiting beliefs”, develop self-confidence
Expand your skills: message structuration, impact, tips and tools

Understand Others

Identify the perception “filters” of your interlocutors
Understand their issues and anticipate their reactions

Optimize your Message

Keep focused on your goal
Customize your message and your communication style to your audience

Throughout my career in business and later as a trainer and a coach, I had the chance to meet great communicators who have convinced me, motivated me, moved me…

I also had these “states of grace” facing an audience, when all the preparation work is transformed into a fluid dialogue, when communication flows… as well as ideas.

NLP, Process Communication, etc… I have built a powerful toolbox that I will be happy to share with you.

Guillemette Moreau

Some of our tools:

  • NLP: (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
    Observe and understand how our interlocutor “function”, create the connection… To learn more about NLP
  • Process Communication®:
    Better know yourself and better understand others to better communicate, even under stress. To learn more about Process Communication
  • Non-violent communication:
    The essential principles to give feedback and express a demand with respect
  • How to get the other buy your message:
    How to move from “I” to the “you” (sales techniques)
  • Story Telling:
    Develop stories to engage and convince your audience
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