WHY and FOR WHAT will I dare to be courageous today?


In COURAGE, there is ‘heart ‘ (coeur in French)!

If my motivation remains at the intellect level or in the action, there will be a challenge, an obstacle to be overcome, possibly a physical test, but no “courage”. But if my emotions are there, in at the center, my own fear, then I can be brave and go with all my heart.


For what is it worth (the effort or the joy) being courageous ?

– My dreams, my long-term projects, my deep ambitions…
– The values I want to fight for, in my job, my business, my private life…
– And of course those I care for or I value around me…


Today, I PROMISE to myself:

– To visit again one of my dreams to make it grow
– To chose 1 of my fundamental values and put 1 action for it.

I’m starting to greak out…


And you, for what do you want to be courageous today?


Have a good day ! Guillemette Moreau

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