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The Process Communication ® Personality Inventory:

A powerful tool to improve your interpersonal communication!


Guillemette Moreau
Process Communication certified coach and trainer.
20 years experience in corporate leading positions.

Montreal – Video-conference

La Process Communication

Discover this powerful psychological model:
– to better understand how you and your contacts “work”.
– to be able to ensure efficient communication,
All this, even under stress, in order to anticipate and manage misunderstandings and conflicts.

Fruit of the research conducted by Taibi Kahler, PhD…
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The Personality Inventory

From an online questionnaire, your Process Communication® certified coach makes you discover your personality profile, including:

  • Your perception filters
  • The strengths of your personality
  • Your preferred communication channel
  • Warning signals in case of stress
  • Your preferred management styles for managing or being managed …

Special rate for Individuals (CANADA ONLY) :

> Your Process Communication profile
> Presentation of the key concepts of the model
> Individual debriefing session 1 hour
> Your full profile report

350 $CAN (Canadian dollars) taxes included

Corporations / Groups:
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Process Communication Test

How does it work?

1 – Online questionnaire:
Buy directly your Process Communication Personality Inventory on this page (Paypal payment).
We will send you within 24 hours your link with the instructions to make your Process Communication ® questionnaire online.

2 – Preparation of your coaching session:
Exclusive from Coherence Coaching: As soon as we receive your results from the online questionnaire, we send you an introductory video of the Process Communication model (about 30 minutes) to prepare your coaching session at home.

3 – Coaching Session with your results:
With Guillemette Moreau, certified coach and trainer in Process Communication Model
Duration: about 1 hour
Per video-conference
> Main concepts of the Process Communication model
> Presentation of your results
> Coaching on a concrete case of miscommunication

4 – Detailed results:
You receive the link to your Process Communication® profile, a rich and personalized document.
It provides you keys and tracks of work for your daily life, taking into account the strengths of your personality as well as the indicators to be monitored to avoid being overwhelmed by stress.

5 – Memento:
Exclusive from Coherence Coaching : You receive our memento about Process Communication personality types to help you use the model on a daily basis.

Discover now your Process Communication profile

350 CAN$ (canadian dollars)
taxes included

Corporations / Groups: 
Please contact us

In addition to a deeper understanding of one’s own personality, this tool allows you to easily decipher the differences between different types of personalities and to identify the main features that characterize them.

LD - Montreal (Canada)

Financial Controller

Excellent tool to better understand my ‘drivers’ and better understand my partners.
Benoit Bardon - Paris (France)



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